Brands With Purpose Series

Hosted by We First CEO and New York Times bestselling author, Simon Mainwaring, this 5-part virtual series
explores “how” organizations and leaders are transforming and delivering purpose-driven brands 

Join us on June 3rd: Episode #5

To B or Not to B: Are B Corps the Way Forward?

Discover why top brands became B Corps brands and how it transforms a company’s culture, business growth and industry leadership.

Our guest panelists include:

  • Annie Agle / Senior Director of Impact and Sustainability at Cotopaxi
  • Blair Kellison / CEO of Traditional Medicinals
  • Jon Silverman / SVP of Owned Brands at Grove Collaborative

Please see below for panelist bios and more details.

Recap of Previous Episodes:

Episode #1: Global Disruptors

Brands With Purpose launched its series with Global Disruptors who were transforming themselves to advance their whole industries. We heard from Virginie Helias, the Chief Sustainability Officer of P&G, who shared how the enterprise and its brand portfolio are leading a global sustainability movement that is both a force for good and a force for growth; Bob Lord, the SVP Developer Ecosystem at IBM, who has spearheaded the tech giant’s collaboration with developers worldwide to accelerate and scale innovative responses to Covid-19 and the climate crisis; and David Wagner, Executive VP Global Strategy, VF Corporation, whose global brand portfolio – from Timberland to The North Face to Vans – has tackled issues such as the burning of the Amazon and hate speech on Facebook. Each one serving as a powerful example of how transforming yourself and driving positive impact also builds business growth and brand relevance.

Episode #2: The Next Generation of Purpose Leaders

A better tomorrow requires new leaders with bold ideas. That’s why Episode 2 of ‘Brands With A Purpose’ focused on ‘Next Generation Leaders.’ We heard from Stacey Boyd, CEO at Olivela, who is reinventing the luxury goods space to support girls education and break the cycle of poverty; from Dan Lechinger, SVP at Dave’s Killer Bread, who shared how giving people a second chance in life after being incarcerated has built their business, brand and impact; and from Geryn Evans, CEO and founder of Project Blu, who revealed how they are reengineering pet products to repurpose harmful plastic and make the whole category more sustainable. Together they revealed how today’s most pressing social and environmental challenges are in fact opportunities in disguise that can drive business growth and better our future.

Episode #3: Partners for Purpose: Brands Shaping the Future of Collaborative Leadership

We can only meet the social and environmental challenges we face with equal force by working together. That’s why in Episode 3 of ‘Brands with Purpose’ we heard from our ‘Partners for Purpose’ like Doug Palladini, Global Brand President at Vans, whose ongoing partnership with its “Mom and Pop” stores during the pandemic and their ongoing commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement have fostered deep and authentic collaborations and loyalty among influencers, athletes and artists. We heard from Katrine Kirk Muff, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at LEGO that employs a variety of innovative partnerships to reengineer its global supply chain all while inspiring kids of all ages to embrace STEM learning and find joy in the power of play. And Mick Ebeling, Founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, who shared their truly transformative collaborations to solve humanity’s toughest challenges from ending food insecurity, to empowering the paralyzed, to providing prosthetics for child victims of war. Together they revealed how you can forge unlikely and innovative partnerships to solve today’s most pressing issues.

Episode #4: Planet Pioneers: Leveraging Sustainability to Scale Impact and Drive Growth

In order to restore a planet in peril, we need powerful brands to take bold actions. That’s why in Episode 4 of the ‘Brands with Purpose’ series we heard from ‘Planet Pioneers’ like Drieke Leenknegt, Vice President, Global Marketing at Timberland, a company deeply committed to building the next generation of ‘adventurous doers’ nurturing our planet, building stronger and resilient communities, and creating a net positive future. We heard from Sophie Bambuck, CMO of Everlane, a brand that continues to radically disrupt the apparel industry through transparency and inclusive culture and collaborative storytelling. And Andrei Cherny, CEO of Aspiration, who is reimagining and reengineering the financial services industry as a platform to better serve customers, communities and the planet. Together, the panel revealed how business can thrive by regenerating the planet, and by doing so, better our future.


Moderated by

Simon Mainwaring

CEO of We First


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Senior Director of Impact/Sustainability


VP of Brand Marketing

Grove Collaborative Logo

Episode #5

June 3, 2021

12:00PM-1:30PM ET

To B or Not to B: Are B Corps the Way Forward?

If you want your brand to stand out in an increasingly purposeful marketplace, becoming a B Corp is a critical start.

Each week, more leading brands are joining their ranks to demonstrate the authenticity of their commitment to people, the planet and prosperity. But what’s involved in the process? What obstacles must be overcome? And how does it unlock value for your business?

In Episode 5 of the ‘Brands With Purpose’ series, you’ll hear from:

  • Anine Agle, Senior Director of Impact and Sustainability at Cotopaxi, about how B Corp certification drives supply chain, sustainability and Foundation initiatives;
  • Blair Kellison, CEO of Traditional Medicinals, as to how their B Corps status shapes community empowerment projects, product innovation, and their ongoing movement to share the power of plants; and
  • Jon Silverman, SVP of Owned Brands at Grove Collaborative, who’ll share how being a B Corps drives the development of new owned and product brands across a broad spectrum of home cleaning, personal care, and wellness.

Together, they’ll reveal the importance and impact of becoming a B Corps.

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Episode #4

April 28, 2021

Planet Pioneers-
Leveraging Sustainability to Scale Impact and Drive Growth

How can we save the planet for future generations? In Episode 4 we heard from our ‘Planet Pioneers’ about how they are driving growth through sustainability commitments that are forcing their industries to wake up and compete to cause greater impact.

VP, Global Marketing


Chief Marketing Officer


Episode #3

March 16, 2021

Partners For Purpose-
Brands Shaping the Future of Collaborative Leadership

We can only meet the social and environmental challenges we face with equal force by working together. Our panelists revealed how they forged unlikely and innovative partnerships to solve today’s most pressing issues.


Global Brand President


VP, Head of Social Responsibility


Founder & CEO


Episode #2 – Highlights

December 10, 2020

Next Generation Purpose Leaders-
Looking to Lead the Future

A better tomorrow requires new leaders with bold ideas for how business and capitalism should be practiced. In this session, we hear from leaders of tomorrow in terms of how they integrate purpose into business for the long term.

Dan Letchinger

Senior Vice President
Dave’s Killer Bread


Geryn Evans

Founder and CEO
Project Blu


Stacey Boyd

Founder and CEO

Episode #1 – Highlights

September 24, 2020

Global Disruptors
Leading Enterprises Disrupting Themselves and Their Industries

Systemic change requires the participation of the largest and most purposeful corporations. In this panel we’ll explore the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of transformation with some of the world’s leading brands.

Video Replay

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Virginie Helias

Chief Sustainability Officer and VP of Global Sustainability


Bob Lord

SVP cognitive Applications, Blockchain and Ecosystem


David Wagner

Executive VP Global Strategy and Growth Platforms