Virginie Helias

Chief Sustainability Officer


Bob Lord

SVP Developer Ecosystem


David Wagner

Executive VP Global Strategy

Brands With A Purpose Series (2020‑21)

HBS Association of Boston and We First invite you to the ‘Brands With A Purpose’ series.

Hosted by We First CEO and New York Times bestselling author, Simon Mainwaring, this panel discussion features global executives from three of the largest and most impactful companies in the world.

Virginie Helias, the Chief Sustainability Officer of P&G whose brand portfolio is tackling the complex crises of systemic racism and sustainability with a directness rarely seen in a global enterprise.

Bob Lord, the SVP Developer Ecosystem at IBM who is spearheading the tech giant’s collaboration with developers worldwide to fast track innovative responses to Covid-19 and the climate crisis.

David Wagner, the Executive VP Global Strategy of VF Corporation who will discuss how the global footwear and apparel enterprise led the challenge to the burning of the Amazon while its portfolio brand, The North Face, spearheaded the protest against hate speech on Facebook.

This in-depth and provocative discussion will not only explore the why and how behind their impact efforts, but also how they delivered value to their businesses. You’ll also get to ask the panelists your most pressing business, brand and impact questions.

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Moderated by

Simon Mainwaring


CEO of We First


Episode #1

September 24, 2020

12:00-1:30p.m. EST

The Big Disruptors: Global Brands Disrupting Themselves and Their Industries

Systemic change requires the participation of the largest and most purposeful corporations. In this panel we’ll explore the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of transformation with some of the world’s leading brands.

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Episode #2

December 10, 2020

12:00-1:30p.m. EST

Next Generation Purpose Leaders: Startups Looking to Lead the Future

A better tomorrow requires new leaders with bold ideas for how business and capitalism should be practiced. In this session, we hear from leaders of tomorrow in terms of how they integrate purpose into business for the long term.

Panelists TBD

Episode #3

Date TBD

Planet Pioneers: Leveraging Sustainability to Scale Impact and Drive Growth

These champions of the planet are driving growth through sustainability commitments that are forcing the rest of the industry to wake up and to compete for mindshare through greater impact.

Panelists TBD

Episode #4

Date TBD

Partners for Purpose: Brands Shaping the Future of Collaborative Leadership

We can only meet the challenges we face with equal force by working together. In this session we’ll speak to brands forging unlikely and innovative partnerships to solve for global issues at scale.

Panelists TBD